Project Update: Level 15 Underway and Continued Fast-Paced Progress at Chapter London Bridge 

A significant milestone has just been achieved at the ongoing development of Chapter, London Bridge – a premium student residential project. The collaborative efforts of the teams at Walsh and Mace have played a crucial role in propelling this project forward and setting a new standard for the delivery speed of high-rise developments. This project is a remarkable example of fast-paced delivery that results in less disruptive construction, something of particular importance on busy, constrained city locations like this one. 

Walsh has been delivering the precast High Rise Solution segment covering Levels 5 to 36 and this week saw Level 15 start construction, delivering upon its promise of high precision, high-quality, efficient construction. 

Each level consists of 44 small panels forming a single floor plate and is supported by precast columns and walls. The core is in situ to Level 13 (formed by slipform) and precast from Level 13 to 36. There are a total of approximately 2800 precast elements in the project, of which 250 are unique.

Looking ahead, a crucial phase in the coming weeks involves the design of the crown section of the structure and the installation of tower crane ties to facilitate the height of the structure. 

We look forward to updating you on further achievements and advancements as we strive towards the completion of this landmark project.


Taking Sustainability Seriously

Sustainability is in our DNA and we have our own ambitious goals to achieve Net Zero as a business and with our designs. With innovative in-house monitoring tools, Walsh clients have seen on average reductions of 10-20% total embodied carbon, with some of our flagship work achieving 60-70% reductions compared with baseline figures.