Award Recognised Project

83 Barchester Street

Revitalising a site of industrial heritage for modern living and community-focused design

The 83 Barchester Street development is a transformative project situated in the Limehouse Cut Conservation Area of East London. This project created 115 affordable homes while preserving the industrial heritage of the site, which formerly housed warehouses and factories from the 1930s.

The development retains the industrial aesthetic of the site, particularly evident in the façade design. Inspired by the site’s industrial past, the architects designed an iconic structure featuring a distinctive ‘saw-tooth’ roof profile reminiscent of mid-century warehouses.

The existing façades at each end of the building were preserved and integrated into the new scheme to maintain the historical context. The existing warehouse structure behind the retained façades was demolished, making way for the construction of a new RC frame. The affordable housing block, ranging from four-to-six-storeys in height, was constructed using this RC frame. The retained façades were tied back to the RC frame to ensure stability in the permanent condition.

Various repairs were carried out on the existing façade, and new or enlarged penetrations were made to accommodate the project’s requirements. Close coordination with temporary works was essential to execute these modifications seamlessly.


  • Canary Wharf Group
  • Metropolitan Workshop LLP
  • Coinford
Completion Date2021

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