Hale Village

10m cantilever supports 11 storeys of RC flat slab construction

A visually impressive student housing development incorporating a large cantilever feature and using lightweight modules and modern methods of construction to reduce noise and create 600 new beds.

The focal point of the proposed building was a large 10m cantilever constructed on the south west corner. It was important to carefully manage the design and implementation of this feature as the cantilever supports 11 storeys of reinforced concrete flat slab construction. We analysed the whole structure in 3D using non-linear finite element software to assess safety and buildability. The cantilever feature has brought much character and charm to a functional building, due to its impressive engineering aesthetics.

We were also asked to acoustically isolate the western side of the building to reduce noise from a nearby train line. Rather than separate this side of the building at foundation level as initially recommended, we developed a simpler bespoke solution above the 2nd floor level. Using lightweight structures connected to a reinforced concrete core below we were able to deliver an innovative method of stability and desired acoustics.

The prefabricated ten-storey high modules used made the building the UK’s highest structure formed using cold rolled modules.

  • Unite Students
  • BDP
  • Woolf
Completion Date2009
  • Haringey
  • London

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