Stables Market Building C

Concrete portal frame structure allows long spans for retail units on inaccessible site

Just 3m away from a Network Rail viaduct this retail project comprises four storeys above ground and three-storey, 15m-deep basement. The ‘prow’ of the building is hung from the roof via a tree structure, creating a landmark feature.

The client’s brief called for no internal columns and long spans to suit the retail use. The tight access to the site prevented the use of steelwork for the long-span floors. Walsh therefore utilised a concrete portal frame structure, with 450mm deep beams to span 12m. Oval columns were used to give a slim edge profile.

The superstructure sits on a concrete transfer deck at ground floor, with transfer beams spanning 12m. The basement was constructed by top-down construction. This minimised the movements of the adjacent rail viaduct and saved on programme, allowing the ground floor to be returned to retail use, whilst the structures above and below were completed.

One of the very first projects where top-down construction was used commercially, this was achieved by the use of ‘plunged stanchions’ into large diameter piles. A ‘grade 3’ basement was achieved with a concrete liner and drained cavity.

  • Stanley Sidings Ltd.
  • ESA
Completion Date2005
  • Camden
  • London

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Taking Sustainability Seriously

Sustainability is in our DNA and we have our own ambitious goals to achieve Net Zero as a business and with our designs. With innovative in-house monitoring tools, Walsh clients have seen on average reductions of 10-20% total embodied carbon, with some of our flagship work achieving 60-70% reductions compared with baseline figures.