Culture: Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day 2024: Enhanced by Engineering

Walsh is proud to participate in International Women in Engineering Day 2024 and to celebrate this year’s theme of “Enhanced by Engineering”.

This important initiative highlights the incredible achievements and contributions of women in the field of engineering and underscores the need for continued progress in achieving gender equity.

Diversity matters

Wash maintains an above-average ratio of women to men within our team, reflecting our commitment to fostering an inclusive environment where varied perspectives and talents can thrive.

As structural, civil, and geotechnical engineers, we understand that the strength of our work lies not just in the designs we create and materials used, but in the diverse minds that conceive them.

Women engineers bring unique viewpoints and problem-solving approaches that drive our projects to new heights, making our structures and solutions more robust, sustainable, and innovative.

We are keenly focused on attracting and retaining more women, including those who identify as female, to join our ranks. By enhancing our teams with a wide range of talents, we ensure that our engineering solutions are not only comprehensive but also pioneering.

Meaningful celebrations

As we embrace #INWED24, our celebrations extend beyond a single day, and include a variety of more impactful activities.

Celebrations with a positive social impact

We are hosting an internal celebration featuring cakes from the Luminary Bakery, a social enterprise based in London that provides training, employment, and community support to some of the most disadvantaged women in the city. This initiative not only sweetens our celebration but also supports a worthy cause.

Female perspective from across our team

To understand and highlight the experiences of women in engineering, we are speaking to our female colleagues to better understand their motivations, inspirations, and experiences; shedding light on both the challenges and triumphs they face.

By sharing their stories, we aim to dispel misconceptions, address gender biases, and offer valuable advice to aspiring female engineers.

This initiative will showcase the unique contributions women bring to the field and discuss ways to make the industry more inclusive and supportive for future generations.

Inspiring discussions with our wider community

We are excited to invite our community to an external event on Thursday 18th July, featuring Katherine Evans, a geologist specialising in subsurface and mineral extraction.

Katherine will share her unique experiences and insights on the contrasting attitudes toward safety and career journeys between men and women in her field.

Katherine Evans is as Bold as Brass,” promises to be an lively and eye-opening discussion on gender equality in safety-critical workplaces. Please do RSVP via the event page if you’d like to attend.

“By supporting efforts to promote gender balance and inclusion in engineering and all STEM fields, and opening up discussions around gender equity, we hope to build a stronger, more equitable future where advancements in engineering benefit everyone.”

Ian Welsh, Managing Director, Walsh

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