The 2023 Concrete Society Awards

Celebrating Excellence in Concrete: A Night to Remember

Yesterday evening, our very own Alice Monti, Christina Ayriss and Sarah Fu had the honour of attending this year’s Concrete Society Awards for Excellence in Concrete, invited by Leviat.

It was great to celebrate outstanding work in our industry. A big congratulations to all the nominees and the well-deserved winners! 

We are particularly proud to share that Willow Walk (previously known as Osiers Road), a project Walsh has worked on, received the recognition of ‘Highly Commended.’ This achievement is a testament to the dedication and excellence of everyone involved.

The judges commented that: 

“Careful accurate modelling was required to achieve the quality finish on this project. Pigmented concrete was used. The light concrete gave fossilised appearance whereas the black pigmented concrete was of matt finish. Bespoke moulds were developed for the weave pattern panels using rubber, which helped to hide the joints. It must be stated that the corner sections of the weave panels were remarkable in the finish, giving the effect of wrapping around the structure’s edges.

Acid etch on all weave precast was used to give a completely unformed finish. The remit was to keep the design, form and layouts as simple as possible, which was satisfied. No sign of weathering or stains, maybe due to the pigment included in the concrete. Even with the fall across the site the bottom section lined up immaculately with surrounding pavements. To get this detailed so well is a testament to the planning involved.”

Thank you to The Concrete Society and Leviat for this incredible opportunity to celebrate the remarkable achievements in our field.


Taking Sustainability Seriously

Sustainability is in our DNA and we have our own ambitious goals to achieve Net Zero as a business and with our designs. With innovative in-house monitoring tools, Walsh clients have seen on average reductions of 10-20% total embodied carbon, with some of our flagship work achieving 60-70% reductions compared with baseline figures.